Team Moonstone's Pitch Wars Wishlist!

Hellllo Pitch Wars hopefuls! This is Part Two of my and Sandra Proudman's manuscript wishlist! To read Part One, visit Sandra's blog post here!



  • Character development

  • Dialogue

  • Line edits

  • Pacing

  • Stakes

  • Query letter

  • World building


Our Communication Style

We’ll be with you every step of the way during your Pitch Wars journey. From explaining why we might be offering a certain comment/suggested change, to guiding you through the querying process if this is your first time entering the querying trenches. Our goal is that by the time the showcase comes around, you’ll feel confident querying your work, whether you get one request for pages or thirty.


We prefer to email since we can usually make time for that sooner. But will be a phone call away to discuss your edit letter or to brainstorm changes, or if you start feeling like you are stuck.


What We Are Looking for in a Mentee

We are looking to work with a passionate writer who is dedicated to make their story the best it can possibly be, even if this means a possible complete rewrite. Who is positive and ready to put in hard work. There is, of course, a temptation to say ‘yes’ to be selected even if you don’t think your novel needs lots of work; if you truly know that you would not be open to major revisions, we may not be the best selection for you.


Category: YA and, if willing to age down, NA

Genre: Fantasy (portal, magical realism, other)

Sci-Fi (space opera, near future, dystopian/post apocalyptic, cyberpunk, soft, time travel, other)



Romance (sci-fi, fantasy)


And now....Our Wish List:

  • POC protagonists and #OwnVoices narratives! Diverse characters as the heroes of their own stories. We are both Latinx writers, so Latinx stories in particular hold a special place in our hearts.

  • Speculative science fiction or space operas. Give us aliens, apocalyptic scenarios, androids/robots/AI, alternate universes, all the geeky stuff!

  • All the mythological creatures

  • Non-western folklore and myths

  • Brujas and magic! Tarot card readings, premonitions, fantasmas

  • Romance! Send us the love triangles, slow burns, the complicated love stories, the enemies to lovers. Basically, all the fun tropes we all know we love

  • Fierce girls that don’t need a hero to save them and cinnamon roll boys

  • Fairy tale retellings, especially with a feminine twist

  • Clever and sexy banter. Lighter books filled with humor

  • Superheroes!!!

  • Lush fantasies with a diverse cast of characters set anywhere

  • Immersive settings and awesome world building

  • Stories that center around healing grief

  • A science fiction or fantasy book in verse

  • Epic action scenes

  • Stories about family and friendship

  • Multiple-POVs!


What we’re likely to pass on:

  • Most importantly, please no stories with themes of terminal illness or explicit scenes of sexual violence or assault. Please no stories that would require a heavy trigger warning or that have a lot of graphic violence in them. And please no on-page death of a child.

  • Adult or MG books. Don’t waste a slot sending us your book if it’s in these age groups! We are open to NA, as long as you are willing to age your MC’s age down to YA.

  • Sports books unless they have a magical element to them

  • Hard science fiction with a lot of technical aspects. There will likely be a lot that we couldn’t comment on or help with

  • Manuscripts that have not been typo-proofed. Please eliminate as many typos as you can prior to sending!



And that’s it! Whew!


We can’t wait to see all of your submissions!



Raquel & Sandra